Artificial Grass

We have many years experience in the landscaping trade and we are specialist installers of high quality Artificial Grass in Hinckley and the West Midlands.


Gorgeous Design

Let us help you create a bespoke design for your Artificial Grass so you stand out from your neighbours.


Different Styles

Our Artificial Grass comes in a range of different styles so you can achieve the look your after.



Our Artificial Grass styles comes in a range of different styles and textures so you can get the right Grass you want.

Artificial Grass Hinckley / Artificial Grass Nuneaton

Artificial Grass Hinckley

Are you sick and tired of  lawn maintenance and repair?

Are you tired of spending your weekends mowing the lawn when you could be spending quality time with your family?

Are you at a loss for a way to get grass to grow in patchy, shaded areas?

Artificial Grass Hinckley is the solution that will dispel all of your lawn care woes and leave you with more free time and extra money in your pocket.

It has all of the benefits of real grass without any of the work required to maintain it.

No longer will you have to spend your weekends cutting grass.

No longer will you have to struggle with those unsightly bare patches where the grass simply refuses to grow.

And no longer will you have to pay outlandish fees to have the lawn at your business properly maintained.

When you choose Artificial Grass Hinckley through Property Fix UK Driveways you will:

  • Say “Goodbye” to tedious lawn maintenance and repair
  • Have more free time
  • Save money on lawn maintenance costs
  • Gain a solution for those troublesome bare batches in shaded areas
  • Improve the appearance of your lawn
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